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Location: Room B305 in the Biomedical Science Building.

Mail Code: 0605

Hours: 8:00 AM to 3 PM

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Delivery Days by Location:

On-Campus Deliveries: Monday - Friday
Hillcrest: Thursday Only
John Hopkins: Monday - Friday
SIO: Tuesday only
VA: Monday and Thursday only
Moores Cancer Center: Monday - Friday
Sanford Consortium: Monday - Friday

Contact Information:

Name: Title: Phone: Fax:
Balderston, David IT Manager (858)-822-2761 (858)-822-2107
Colón, Carlos Sales Manager (858)-534-6092 (858)-534-4155
Cruz, John Paul Supplier Relations Manager (858)-534-7138
Gencarelli, Jason Senior Clerk
Gomez, Norma Sales Technician (858)-534-4162
Le, Trung Anh Student
Malle, Danieli Student
Park, Jong Min Student
Pfeffer, Heather Business Associate (858)-822-1026 (858)-534-4155
Ramos, Isabella Student
Schulman, Judy Senior Business Associate (858)-534-6989 (858)-534-5903
Svacina, James Sales
Wheeler, Tim Director