Cell Storage and Freezing

We provide secure liquid nitrogen storage for cell lines and biologicals. We offer -180 degree storage and all tanks have temperatures alarms. We store ampules for many UCSD Investigators and local firms. Ampules can be stored by box or by rack. Payment options for off campus customers include Visa, MasterCard and checks.

Attention Outside Companies!! If you would like to begin storing cells with us you must read and complete these instructions.

Inside Services (with pricing)
Outside Services


1 box holds 81 amps.
1 rack holds 12 boxes.
Scheduled: Tuesday and Thursday mornings after 11AM (cell storage form must be faxes or received at Core before 10AM to be considered scheduled).
Unscheduled: Any hours outside the scheduled hours when prior arrangements have not been made. Your service will be billed at the unscheduled rate, which is 5 times the scheduled rate.

INSIDE SERVICES (with pricing):

Please note:
Monthly Rentals
Place in Storage (already frozen)
Freezing (Please call to schedule freezing to avoid conflicts)
Removal from storage
New Box
Inventory (Please call to schedule)
  • $20 fee for one hour of cell inventory. 24 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid fee.


Security Fee


To store or remove cells, please fill out a Cell Storage Form (PDF format, Excel format).

To freeze and deposit cells please fill out a Cell Storage Form (PDF format, Excel format) and consult our Cell Freezing Submission Protocol (PDF format, Word format).

To designate authorized users to access cells please complete this form (PDF).

Forms are also available at Core (BSB Rm 303/314).

Contact: John Paul Cruz
Phone: (858)-534-4162